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longer as requested <3


This is how I got off during adolescence: reading Penthouse Letters

(and looking at the pictures too, of course!)





My husband is a long distance trucker, and we also farm over 25 acres of land in central Iowa. One day early last May my husband’s truck broke down a long way from home, which was inconvenient, as we had a lot of plowing to get done in order to get our crops in. I could only do part of it, and I needed to find someone to drive our other…

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TMI Tuesday: August 26, 2014 ~ The Sexy Things We Say And Do

[NB: today’s post is via iPad so forgive me the weak layout ~ NERO]

1. Close your eyes and think about having sex with your lover. Now, what was the first image that came to your mind? Was it foreplay? What kind of sex? What position? Where? ~~ call me Vanilla but this is the first thing that came to mind - it’s foreplay, in our bed, leading to awesome sex. Honestly, I really love eating my wife’s pussy. It’s nectar from the gods…

To be honest, the image above is just the start. Hopefully it will move on to this:

2. What is that most memorable thing that you or your partner said immediately after sex? ~~ my wife said “I think I squirted?” about six months ago (and once again about a month ago). I found that pretty exciting, yet she’s shown no interest in pursuing it further. Maybe it wasn’t as orgasmic for her as I’d been led to believe?

3. Whether reward or punishment, a part of your body must be shown on a huge billboard in the heart of your city/town. Which body part will you select to be 14 feet tall by 48 feet wide (4.27 meters x 14.63 meters)? ~~ it will have to be my smile since that’s my best feature.

4. You are about to lose your power of speech, what’s the one thing you would want to tell someone before that happens? ~~ I’d tell my daughter I love her very much, and not to be afraid of what’s about to happen.

5. You are stricken with a disorder that causes you to blurt out a single phrase every time you orgasm? What is that phrase? ~~ “this is fantastic!” (Who wouldn’t want to hear that when their partner cums?)

Bonus: If you had to make out with a friend (same sex or opposite sex) to save the world from mass destruction, whom would you pick? ~~ well, duh. This is an anonymous blog so obviously I can’t name them. But… if I have to save the world… some of my wife’s friends are quite hot. As are most of my female friends.


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!


looks home made.

Bah! It’s not home made.

How can it be homemade when she’s banging two guys and a fourth is filming? (“Maybe it’s two couples and the other girl is filming?”)

Okay, that’s possible, but then who is the fifth person firing off the flashbulbs? (“Maybe it’s a sex party at someone’s house and there’s lots going on?”).

Okay, maybe.


Sunday Night Sex - does this count?

So if you saw yesterday’s post you will know what happened on Sunday night** - I discovered my wife was back to her old habits: binge reading dirty stories courtesy of She’d started reading on Friday, and didn’t stop til Sunday evening. Naturally I felt a little deflated since it seemed the great sex we had on Friday was more to do with her marathon porn/erotica session, not anything I had done. Rereading my post about Friday ( is a bit of a joke now, a sad one. I guess I ain’t all that.

So I was a little angry when I went up to bed, but I was also horny too, so I was in a quandary. My wife had made it clear that we couldn’t have penetrative sex because she had thrush (as a result of Friday nights sex - I dunno, I’m not a doctor) so I decided we would have non penetrative sex instead.

My wife had other ideas, which surprised me since I knew she had been reading her dirty stories on her iPad right up until about 15 minutes earlier - when her battery had died!

What she didn’t know was that I’d charged up her vibrators on Saturday, since I had planned to tie her up and go to town on her with various sex toys. As you know - that plan came to nothing, due to the thrush.

So I presented her with her Lelo and told her to lie back and pleasure herself, while I watched. I told her I liked to watch, and admitted that ‘solo’ videos were the ones I preferred when I watched porn online. (That in itself was quite an admission from me, and she didn’t pick up on it - maybe she’d figured I must be watching something since she only fucks me twice a month). I told her we could play out our own ‘Masters of Sex’ scenario (since we’d just watched the entire first season that weekend): she would masturbate and I would observe.

She said she was tired, it was late, and she had to get up early on Monday morning.

I said it wasn’t that late (it wasn’t, but in hindsight we had stayed up til 4am the night before, watching Masters of Sex) and I pulled back the covers and handed her the vibe. She took it reluctantly, huffed and puffed, but switched it on nonetheless and placed it on her pussy. I shucked off my underwear, pulled up a chair, and sat at the foot of the bed and ‘observed’.

It took her no more than a minute to get into it and then she was off. Soft moans and squirming would pretty much describe it, building up to writhing and louder moaning. It seemed to go on forever - I couldn’t tell if she was climaxing or on her way to climaxing. (Later I said to her ‘that was a long one - were you cumming the whole time?’ She responded vaguely ‘mmmmm’, which I took to mean it wasn’t a thundering orgasm but a long pleasurable buildup). At various times I attempted to open her legs so I could ‘observe’ better but she always gravitated back to her natural state, which is legs closed and the vibe thrust deep between her legs, clamping down on it and pressing the tickler hard against her clit.

I let her be and left her to it, since I wanted her get off, not put on a show for me. When I was finally sure she had cum I then started in earnest on myself. Until that time I’d just been edging, while I waited for her to cum. When my wife saw me jacking off she turned the vibe back on and went for seconds. She got them too, and I came right along with her. My hot sticky jism sprayed between her legs, covering her pussy and the vibe, and she gasped when she realised how much there was.

"I told you I like to watch!" I winked, as I reached for the tissues to help clean up.

Once again we slept very soundly that night, so much so that she missed her first appointment in the morning!

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