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I recently discovered the erotic fiction my wife secretly reads online. She doesn't know I know. Her tastes surprised me, they're not like in real life... (thus far)
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Here’s the story I promised last Friday but ran out of time for (sorry!)…

It was Tuesday (last week) and I’d tried to have sex with my wife the night before, since I knew she’d been reading dirty non consent stories on Literotica all evening. But then she had the gall to rebuff me, claiming I was too pushy! Hmmmm, methinks she’d already got herself off prior to my arrival and so my services were not required.

So I tossed and turned and stewed about it, then fell asleep, then woke up at 6am - still thinking about how/why I’d been rebuffed. I got up and tended to this blog and then made breakfast and generally moped around. My wife got up and rushed off to her 8am Pilates class. I left to take the dog to Doggy Day Care, mooched around, got my mail, and returned home at 10am.

My wife was just getting out of the shower.

I loitered on the bed, checking emails on my iPad and looking at Facebook (oops, I’ve just given away my age, haven’t I?). When my wife sauntered into the bedroom, still naked, I knew it was on. She lay down on the bed, looked at me, and said Good Morning.

I said Good Morning right back and leaned in to kiss her. It wasn’t a long kiss since she wasn’t interested in kissing. I knew she was energised from her Pilates class (one on one, no men, so don’t think that) since she’d already admitted a while back that she prefers sex after a workout because she’s ‘pumped’. I know that just means the blood is coursing through her but I never argue, I’m pleased to get it when I can since her libido is not always so strong. (Yes, that could be my fault)

"Do you want any foreplay?" I winked, checking to be sure.

"What do you mean?" she replied, seeming genuinely puzzled.

"You know… kissing… that sort of stuff" I offered.

"No, I’m good"

"So you really just want to lie back and let me do all the work?"

"Yeah, pretty much" she said, with a guilty grin.

And so I did. I kissed my way down to her pussy and settled myself between her legs. She spread herself slightly and I leaned in and began eating her out. Slowly at first but then with increasing ardor. She was primed alright, and began moaning softly. I was down there for a few minutes - lapping, licking and nibbling  - and she was showing no signs of stopping, she was enjoying it that month. Suddenly she grabbed my head and pulled my face in deep and held me there as she came. Her whole body tensed and her legs and pussy pulsed.

But we weren’t done yet…

With a grin she got up and placed a pillow halfway down the bed and lay back, with her butt elevated and her silken pussy staring right at me. Licking her fingers she began stroking herself, and gestured with a nod for me to join her. I positioned myself at the headboard, with my legs under hers, and started stroking my cock. Her eyes closed, her back arched, and she settled back into what was clearly a very satisfying fap.

I leaned over to the nightstand and handed her the vibe - she took it (almost a little too quickly!) and powered it up. She was clearly in the zone! Placing it directly on her clit she arched again, and moaned. She began to move the vibe gently around her pussy, but always with part of it in contact with her clit. That’s how she likes it, always on the clit.

But I decided I wanted something more, and retrieved the lube. I handed it to her with a simple instruction "I want to see it inside you" and she did as told. Lubing up the tip of the vibe she slowly pushed it down and inside her, her other hand moving straight to her clit which she began stroking vigorously. I was glad to see her do this - I wanted her try vaginal stimulation since I see many women getting off with a dildo (as they stroke their clits) yet my wife has always stuck to ‘what she knows’.

There’s nothing wrong with getting off with what works, but I also know a little variety doesn’t hurt. And it seemed to be working - she was moaning again and softly undulating her hips as she worked her clit and held that vibe inside tight. Placing her feet on my thighs she lifted her butt off the bed and pushed hard. I pushed back, giving her the sensation of thrusting hard against something. 

As she flexed against me a small drop of cream emerged from her wet slit. It got bigger, until it was a continuous rivulet dripping out of her cunt and running down her pussy and into her asshole. I longed to take her there but I knew she wasn’t ready yet, despite her obviously frenzied state of lusty arousal. I could see she was ‘digging deep’ as she pumped that vibe and fingered her clit furiously, and it wasn’t long before she was cumming for a second time.

She slumped down but I sensed she wasn’t finished, her hand was still on her pussy, clutching it tight. I grabbed the lube again and squirted a few drops on her rosebud and… oh, wait. We’ve run out of time again.

I’ll finish that part tomorrow…

Thanks to The Sin Doll for this week’s TMI Tuesday questions.

Pet Names & Body Parts
pet nicknames

1. Do you give pet names to anything? (e.g. Significant other. Car. Breasts. Penis. Vagina.) ~ I have no pet name for my wife or my genitalia or hers. The words I use though are cock, dick, tits, and boobs (depending on her mood).

2. Is there a pet name that you can’t stand being called? ~ my wife doesn’t have a pet name for me either but my sister calls me ‘Ner’ which drives me up the wall. How can you abbreviate Nero?

3. Has your body ever done something that you didn’t understand? Even if it was a ‘first time’ something happened? ~ I’ve had ejaculations with no orgasm, and vice versa. It’s pretty damn freaky.

4. Which body part do you spend the most time on? (grooming, applying, etc.) ~ my dick, and trust me I don’t mean grooming. Let’s call it ‘exercising’ or ‘massaging’ shall we? (see this charming story)

5. The name of the best lover you’ve ever had. ~ A gentleman never tells! I’ve had a few, and yesterday my wife did something new. (That story will come shortly, but first… tomorrow’s post is about something we did last week)

6. Have you ever taken an ex back? ~ Last century I went round to this guys house, walked inside, went to his bedroom, and asked my GF if she planned to stay in his bed or come home with me? She got dressed and came home with me. Why did I ‘take her back’? Ego, I suppose. I knew she was leaving togo to Europe in 4 weeks and I didn’t want him having her until then. I’ve also had ‘sex with the ex’ a few times (different exes) but learnt that’s never a great idea. 

Bonus: What’s your biggest concern in the world today? ~ The war with Islamic terrorists. I’m not sure if its real or manufactured to give licence to Western Governments to remove our rights and overtax us. It may well be a ruse to force us into accepting a One World Government which will be controlled by the same people who gave us the Global Financial Crisis.

Bonus Bonus: An image from the Nero Fantasy Folder (she can be my pet):


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Asker wildunko Asks:
Yah, she might be a little addicted. But hey a least she is interested in sex and you both do have sex still. I wish my wife was interested in even reading about sex, but alas, she is a Prude and is now In Menopause(I think it should be renamed Menostop, there really hasn't been any pause for me). So ... lookingon the bright side at least Iit is still on her mind.
hersecretlibrary hersecretlibrary Said:

Yeah, true dat. Half a loaf of bread is better than no bread all

This is a picture of my wife - hiding in the bedroom, reading dirty stories on Literotica on her iPad (red cover) on the bed. It’s grainy because I shot it though a curtain from downstairs. She had spent six hours reading when I took this photo. And she does it EVERY DAY - she’s been binge reading porn ALL WEEK. (NB: This post was written last week, and queued, so see my posts from last week about it)

So she thinks I don’t know, but I do. When she disappears for hours at a time, with her iPad clutched close to her, I know what she’s doing. It’s so damn obvious! She thinks she’s clever, by changing locations, but she’s not. She goes to her office downstairs to ‘work’, for a while. Then she comes and sits in the lounge and reads, then she goes to the kitchen and makes a snack which she eats as she ‘checks her emails’, then she goes upstairs to the bedroom to ‘get ready for a meeting’. And then she goes out, comes back, and repeats the above but in reverse (starting with ‘getting out of her business clothes’).

She’s obsessed, right? It’s fair to say she’s an addict, right? Tell me I’m wrong…

This looks pretty good, I wouldn’t mind trying ALL of this.


(via gentle-pegging)

Okay, I know I promised you the 20minute orgasm story today but… well, it’s a long story and no-one has time on the weekends for long posts so let’s leave it until Monday shall we? It’s queued up and ready to post, I promise.

Now… I’m personally unfamiliar with Black Cock (although my wife craves it, apparently) but this looks like a white guy has dyed his dick black — am I right? 

Or do light skinned men of color reveal their true selves once the pants come offO?


(via tera-erosu)


Yesterday I mentioned how my wife was still binge reading her dirty stories on Literotica, despite claiming her libido wasn’t up to much. If only I was a big black dude who took her without warning, or consent, since that’s what she’s into lately. I said yesterday that I was going to try and exploit that (her presumed arousal from reading porn for almost two days straight) and fuck her, since she hadn’t allowed penetrative sex on Sunday night.

So last night (these posts are out of sync BTW since I had to make way for TMI Tuesday, so it wasn’t actually last night) I left her to read her dirty stories in bed while I watched TV. After 2 hours I popped in to say hi, and see how she was going - she was reading the new glossy magazine she’d purchased that day. Her iPad was beside her and she was still at the beginning of her new magazine so I knew she’d only just picked it up when she heard me coming up the stairs.

No problem. I left her to it, and 30 minutes later she came downstairs to charge her iPad, which was now flat. She went back upstairs and prepared for bed - while she did that I checked her browser history and took some screen grabs of what she’d been reading. I took 10 grabs, which indicated she’d read a lot that night (one single screen grab looks like this). They were ALL non consent stories - women forced against their will to became the sexual playthings of their rapists; but all loving it once they got down to it.

So imagine my surprise when I crawled into bed and snuggled up to my wife and gave her a squeeze…

"No! I want to go to sleep! I’ve got Pilates in the morning!"

Hmmmm, okaaay, someone’s touchy. I moved my hand down to her hip - she was wearing pyjamas so that should be nonthreatening, right?

"Look, I really hate it when you try to push me. I say I don’t want to but you ignore me…"

Okay, I’m old enough to know that No Means No - and I’ve always known it; and respected it. But evidently I’m a rapist, always forcing himself on his beautiful wife. I guess what happens on the pages of Literotica stays on the pages of Literotica. She clearly loves reading about women forced into sexual subjugation, but isn’t interested in it in real life. At least not with me.

I rolled away and we went to sleep. I suspect she’d already made herself cum while reading the porn.

But wait! I hear you cry, what about the 20 minute orgasm?

Yes, that happened, but not till the next morning, after Pilates. Since I’ve talked too long already I’ll tell that story tomorrow…